Our production capacity covers today's entire spectrum of digital printing in large format.

With widths that begin at 1.6m and go up to the higher bandwidth available on the market - 5m -, we have solutions that ensure maximum quality of colour and resolution.

5 meters Machines: Higher printing width available on the market, with the highest quality of colour and resolution.

SIGN has a large installed capacity for large format printing projects, divided into two production centers

- SIGN and COLORFUL -, with the best and latest technology that ensures the quality and speed we are recognized for



With a dedicated team, we ensure quality control of production, packaging and shipping of the final product, with the greatest rapidity and efficiency


Reggiani Renoir 340

   Monti Antonio 902-3600

HP Latex 3000

HP Latex R2000

Durst RHO 750

Durst RHO 500


Lamination, vulcanization, sewing and all services related to product finishing, made by skilled hands, with the help of the best machines


■ Zund G3 3XL-3200

■ Zund XL 3000

■ 2 x Meevo MKF BR 320

■ Fotoba XL 320

■ Mimaki CG 160 FXII


Trained teams with a lot of experience will ensure the proper completion of each project

Construction of Structures

Our experience allows us to build custom made solutions for each project, integrating the best printed products in the created structures

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