The Museum of Money (Museu do Dinheiro) presents the theme of money, its story and evolution, in Portugal and worldwide and offers an experience markedly interactive that recurs to multimedia technology to show its collection.


The non-conventional museography* bets on the creation of surprising environments, capable of inviting the visitant to participate and promoting the constructing knowledge.


Within this concept, SIGN produced a light box specific for this project, with very special characteristics developed by Providência Design.


In the reception of the museum, a bar of gold (accessible to touch) is framed by the door of the old vault for the gold and contrasts with the “inhumane” picture of the mining exploration of Brazilian precious stones, projected in a large format screen.

To sustain this screen, also produced by SIGN, we created a suspended light box in MATRIX FRAME of 9,5 x 3,5 m, with the particularity of having an integrated informative panel, with information rolling on the bottom of the screen.


It was also integrated in the bottom part of the structure that serves as illumination for the expository zone that is immediately under the light box.



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* Museography by  Providência design in collaboration with Miguel Palmeiro design, Cariátides produções culturais and Mário Vairinhos interacção digital

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