Following the strategy of always being aware of the most recent technology, SIGN is now equipped with the best Latex technology machine available on the market.


This means that SIGN will no longer use solvent-based inks in its production processes, taking one more step to reduce its activity’s ecological footprint.


With an investment of around 300 thousand €, SIGN is now equipped with the best Latex machine in the world.


Latex printing is set to revolutionize the large format printing market.


It stands out from the other technologies in different scopes:


Environmentally Friendly

Non-polluting, water-based inks cause a reduction of the environmental impact in the process, even when recycling. Also noteworthy is that fact that even print cartridges are 100% recyclable.



Printing with high definition, cropping and colour intensity.



The physical composition of Latex technology allows its use both in the interior and exterior.


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