Continente Food Festival 2018

500 thousand visitors and 25 thousand meals served. These are the numbers of the Continente Food Festival 2018.


On July 7 and 8, 2018, the Oporto City Park, Portugal, hosted the 2018 Continente Food Festival where gastronomic tastings and experiences were held, to the sound of HMB, David Carreira, Xutos e Pontapés, O Mundo da Sara, Diogo Piçarra and Tony Career.


Chefs Hélio Loureiro, Manuel Almeida, Justa Nobre, Rui Paula, Chakall and Anna Lins were some of the protagonists of the event, being responsible for the six dishes of the event, made on the spot for the thousands of visitors.


The 2018 Continente Food Festival was SIGN again!


SIGN printed and installed the nets and orthophonic mesh of the main stage, the vynil floor graphics of the stage and also printed and installed the vinyl decoration of the spaces of the Chefs, area where the more than 25 thousand meals were confectioned and served.


With free entry, the event allowed visitors to travel through the flavors of Portugal and the World, through the trends of healthy food, and included workshops, showcookings and lots of animation.

Festival of Continent Food will have new editions.


«After the success of the first edition of the Continente Food Festival, the expectations of the Portuguese for this year were high. It is with pride that we have succeeded in overcoming them and we have presented another Continente event of success. We will continue to provide families with events of this dimension, sharing experiences that bring us closer together and provide unforgettable moments»


Tiago Simões, Marketing Director of Sonae MC.



Adriana Garcia, Ana Varela, João Catarré, Dânia Neto, Oceana Basílio, Isaac Alfaiate, Pedro Lima and Jonathan Sampaio were some of the faces that were present at the second edition of the Continente Food Festival. The djs Rui Porto Nunes and Isabel Figueiras were also at the event, to pep the VIP Zone with lots of music and fun.






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