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Panoramic - Exclusive High Rise

20 years materializing your projects with Digital Wide Format Printing

We will share with you 20 of the most striking projects we were involved in these 20 years

Project 17/20


Panoramic is a development consisting of 3 buildings, private parking, and a Wellness Club. Built in the Parque das Nações neighbourhood, it is distributed over three different areas: offices, housing, and short-stay accommodation.  The main differentiating factor lies in its location, connected to the services it provides to those who decide to invest there.


With the progress of the three buildings, Panoramic, needed to promote the space. In response to this need, SIGN printed several micro-perforated screens. In addition to printing, SIGN also installed the screens on the building structures.


Technical details of the project with Panoramic


SIGN printed and installed several micro-perforated PVC screens, totalling 7,500m2, produced in 5-meters wide printing machines.

More about Panoramic


Behind this venture came the conviction that it would be possible to embrace companies of different dimensions, and offer employees the opportunity to work, live and relax in the same place.


As described above, Panoramic consists of three distinct areas, namely offices, housing, and short-stay accommodation. Each one of them has different characteristics and, therefore, it is divided in three different ideas: Panoramic Residence, a concept that deepens that of apartments of excellence, offering investment solutions and services; Panoramic Working, a concept that deepens that of offices with a top suite to embrace projects of all sizes, and Panoramic Living, a concept that offers travellers the comfort and convenience of bringing together business and leisure, with quality.

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