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MUDE - Design and Fashion Museum

20 years materializing your projects with Digital Wide Format Printing

We will share with you 20 of the most striking projects we were involved in these 20 years

Project 16/20


After being installed in Centro Cultural de Belém, in 2009 the Museum of Design moved to Rua Augusta, in Lisbon, giving birth to MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion).


The screen that covered the facade - with the goal of identifying and promoting the Museum - and the entire support structure were developed, produced and assembled by SIGN.


Technical details of the project with MUDE:


SIGN printed a PVC Screen M1, with 31 x 11 m, that was applied in a galvanized iron structure with steel parts fixing it to the wall.


The micro perforated screen was used to cover the facade to identify and promote the museum - after its inauguration in Rua Augusta, in Lisbon, Portugal.

More about MUDE


MUDE is a vigorous and dynamic museum, located at Baixa Pombalina, with wide cultural areas, such as leisure, education, debate, creation, and art exhibition. Therefore, considering it a national reference in its fields, while developing a relationship with educational institutions, companies, stores, museums and cultural institutions, involving designers, artists, architects, and trustees.


MUDE is a place of excellence to debate the concepts associated with design and the experimental and industrial creation of several artists. MUDE is an acronym of Museu do Design e da Moda (Museum of Design and Fashion), but it’s also a conjugation of the verb change in portuguese, which mirrors part of its mission: to contribute to more informed, conscious, critical and creative users while stimulating a change of attitude towards material culture and life itself.

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